Health and Beauty: Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil in its most natural has a great amount health and beauty benefits. According to some reports, it is the” latest food cure-all”. These claims overflow with information that says coconut oil is a health food that can potentially cure anything and everything from a poor immune system and heart disease to obesity, cancer, and even HIV. Does this mean everyone should stock up on coconut oil? No. It is more like taking this product and incorporate what it can do for your health and the benefits you can gain from it.

What is Coconut Oil?

Virgin coconut oil contains no hydrogenation fat bur has 92% of saturated fat. High but saturated fat in coconut oil considered to be healthy due to its fatty acids content. Like all other fats, coconut oil is a mixture of fatty acids that contains both, short and medium chain, fatty acids. This mixture is primarily a mix of Lauric and Myristic Acids. It is this abnormal mixture that has the potential to offer the health benefits that are mentions above. The fact that the oil derives from coconuts, the oil contains even more beneficial chemicals that not yet been discovered; according to one researcher who finds that there are benefits that will be found over time.

Uses of Coconut Oil: Health and Beauty

There are several uses of Coconut Oil for your health and even by way of beauty regimens.

In health you can:

    •    Use it as a great oil with a high smoke point; like for baking, stir-fries or as replacement of butter
    •    Take it as a Supplement for Daily Energy
    •    Use it as Remineralizing Toothpaste
    •    Help Support a Healthy Thyroid Function
    •    Help Boost Your Metabolism
    •    Help Improve Cholesterol Ratios

In beauty, you can:

    •    Use it as a Basic Lotion
    •    Make Homemade Deodorant Bars
    •    Use it as a Natural Eye-Makeup Remover
    •    Use it for your Baby’s Diaper Rash Cream
    •    Mix it with equal parts sugar for a smoothing body scrub for shower use
    •    Use it as a natural personal lubricant, it will not disturb vaginal flora

There are many benefits of this oil, although there are still studies being conducted on the beneficial effects. Coconut Oil has become a staple in many homes by some researchers’ claims.

Health Benefits of Coconut oil
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